6 Steps to wipe out worry, neutralize negativity & rewire yourself for habitual happiness

Hello hello! It’s been a while….

This year has been moving right along at an unbelievable rate & it reminds me of hearing both my grandmothers & then eventually my parents telling me that as you get older time speeds up. Indeed. I guess I’m officially “older” now – I can’t believe it’s already June.  The other thing I’m noticing – as I’m sure you all are too – is that everything is speeding up, not just time. As a society we expect everything to happen quickly – people are required to be faster at their work, get more done, multi-task to the Nth degree. Be juggling texts, emails, phone calls, projects, kids, families, eating. drinking, traveling, LIVING at such a pace that our minds race and for many barely even turn off to sleep. No wonder a general state of anxiety is so pervasive. Hardly anyone spends time actually IN the present.

So, that said, I’m sharing with you something that will help.

I’ve continued enjoying supporting my clients in getting control of their thinking & their lives – but the one thing that keeps coming up is clients asking me to remind them of one of the most valuable tools I always teach –  how to SNAP OUT of negativity & old “programs” & habits in 6 steps.

snap out of it

My 6S to Success™ solution is written out in a previous blog post but here is a fleshed out version that can be downloaded & printed. I figured it made sense to create a “takeaway” for you all, one that you can refer to & use for any & all unwanted habits, thought patterns, negativity, worry etc.

This is just one of the ways to practice becoming more present in your life. Anxiety & worry are not activities of the present. So the more present you are, the calmer, more relaxed & at ease you are – period.

If you have questions – shoot them my way!

Check it out & download it here ➔ 6S to Success

WATCH me walk you through the 6 Steps ➔ https://youtu.be/PUjnt_La83Q