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I work with clients in person in my office in Seattle - or virtually or by phone from anywhere in the world.

I coach both the conscious and unconscious minds. By integrating various coaching techniques with Hypnosis, you will find our coaching relationship tailored to you. We'll discover what resonates and works for you and your needs throughout our journey

As we have all likely heard.."Life is about the journey, not the destination..."  and I want our journey together to be just as much fun as it will be productive, successful and life-changing! After all we've also heard.."Laughter is the best medicine!".

A healthy internal dialogue is so vitally important for a life of contentment, peace and continued success, and is the primary focus in our work together. Teaching you HOW to change an old stuck, negative dialogue into a healthy, happy and flexible one is fun and very do-able! The mindset, stance and perspective you take toward life really does determine your experience - mentally, emotionally and physically. So, of course you want a positive and flexible one! One that empowers you to manage and handle everything life brings with grace, ease and balance.

You will leave our sessions with tools for immediate use - tools that will provide you greater awareness and control over your issues. You will have a framework to build upon for continued transformation - a foundation that allows you to keep progressing forward into being the person you truly wish to be, living the life you truly wish to live. These tools can help to re-wire your brain, creating new ways of being, new habits, behaviours and ways of thinking that support and integrate perfectly with the work done in Hypnosis. Combining coaching with hypnotherapy and NLP makes for a wonderfully well rounded, holistic approach to wellness.

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You'll find me at the office with my therapy "partner" Cricket, my French Bulldog. She is sweet and friendly and takes the job of  Love Therapy seriously. Please let me know if you are not a dog person or would rather not have her in session with us - we are happiest and most comfortable when you are.

Womens Wellness Retreats  

JOIN ME in the sunshine for a one of a kind retreat get-away!  Unplug, unwind and leave your "BS and baggage" behind! Reconnect with your authentic self, retrain your mind and re-treat your temple!

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Mindset Makeover - 'ABCs of a Healthy Mind-body Dialogue'                 

Re-connect & Re-wire Yourself for Habitual Happiness                                                                                            

90 Day Mindset Mentoring 

  • Are you LONGING to get out of unhealthy habits and old negative patterns for good?
  • Are you ACHING to take charge, take the wheel and change your life?
  • Are you ready to commit to BE ALL IN for yourself and actually follow through?
  • Is it time to have a mindset that is POSITIVE, flexible, healthy and maintainable?
  • Are you FRUSTRATED and fed up?
  • Have you been SELF SABOTAGING?

If so, contact me for a Mindset Strategy call


I’d love to talk with you about my program and see we’re a good fit.  I am selective about how many clients, and who, I work with in this program. It differs from my offering of individual sessions and session packages, as it requires you to be more invested emotionally and energetically – to commit to the work necessary for true transformation. Personal “homework” (video/audio & exercises) will be required between our calls or Skype sessions to further help you understand, breakthrough, overcome and release limiting beliefs and old “programs” of habit. You will have usable, powerful tools to REWIRE your thinking and habits - transformative tools that you can use for a lifetime. Ultimately, you’ll recognize and embody the immense power you do have to live struggle free.

About Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis, and NLP

Throughout our lives, all of our experiences - both positive and negative - have built and influenced our perception of our reality. Based on these experiences, we are constantly creating, feeding and solidifying beliefs, opinions, assumptions and convictions about ourselves, others and how things work. When an event occurs in our life, our subconcious mind creates a belief about it and how it relates to us. Then when similar events happen thereafter, the subconscious mind recognises this mind map and up come the emotions and behaviours that were experienced and consequentially learned in the initial event. Generally we do not consciously correlate these beliefs, feelings and behaviours to that initial event. Often these feelings and ideas were created at a time when we had limited perspective and resources, such as in childhood or adolescence. By accessing and releasing your subconscious mind from these patterns, you can free yourself of limiting mindsets, fixed emotions and behaviours. Substituting and then reinforcing new positive, constructive and liberating beliefs breaks the domino effect of previous emotion driven behaviour and both encourages and supports the subconscious and conscious minds to align.

Hypnosis is a very comfortable and totally natural state of mind. When under hypnosis you feel very relaxed and content, just like being in the wonderfully comfortable space between sleep and waking awareness; a moment we often wish would last forever. Once guided into this relaxed state, your unconscious mind will then be directed and focused toward easily achieving your desired goals. The hypnotic state makes a person better able to directly focus the mind and respond to suggestions.

Hypnotherapy reconnects you to the positive power of your mind and body - to your own inner guidance, to your true self without protective walls and blocks. The self that is designed to heal naturally! New perspectives, understanding and solutions can be quickly and effectively gained, changing and resolving old issues or problems. Often just recognising the issue from this clear honest place changes things permenantly.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an approach to psychotherapy and organizational change based on "a model of interpersonal communication chiefly concerned with the relationship between successful patterns of behaviour and the subjective experiences (and patterns of thought) underlying them" (Oxford English Dictionary). Simply stated, NLP is an approach to communication, personal change, development and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

The combined power of Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and NLP can and will create very profound and lasting life changes. Changes to your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self. Using these powerful tools and techniques, issues can be resolved at the source. By removing the root cause of a problem (including all the often unrecognised smaller connections) one can be free of previous limiting prespectives and behaviours easily, finding the unconcious mind is able to easily replace these with healthier ways of thinking and new positive beliefs and habits. We are designed to heal - designed to move & think in the direction of health and well-being! We just need to be reminded we have all the tools to do so!

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